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Digital identification of waste documents from 2023


To start facilitating the enforcement and tracking of waste by the inspection services in the future, from 1 January 2023 all identification forms for waste shipments must be delivered digitally. This for the region of Flanders.

New integration for increased efficiency

Qeos ensures that this transition can run smoothly. To allow our customers to work more efficiently, we integrated QeosDOCS. The tool was approved by OVAM and can digitise identification forms. Submission of the forms is also automatic.

What is OVAM?

The regulations on how companies should sort their waste appropriately and have it collected were described by OVAM (Public Waste Agency of Flanders). This Flemish organisation strives for sustainable waste and materials management and clean soil in Flanders.

Requirements defined by VLAREMA

VLAREM is the "Flemish Regulation on the Environmental Permit", which means that they wish to limit and/or prevent nuisance, environmental pollution and safety risks from companies, businesses, ... limit and/or prevent them. So they also drew up the requirements the digital forms must meet regarding waste transport.

The various players involved all have conditions that must be met: waste producers, waste collectors, transporters and waste processors alike. Those who fail to comply risk being fined.

Qeos support for transporters

Specifically, waste transporters will now have to add some data to the digital identification form. This will require the necessary hardware and software. QeosDOCS contains all the necessary to get the digital documents in order and it can be installed on your smartphone, tablet or on-board computer.

The system can be used from the preparation of the transport document by the IHM/waste producer to delivery and any adjustments to weights. With the application update, all your digital waybills can be made in order & Qeos provided integration of the application to the logistics mobile app.