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Benefits of our latest Qeos software solution


Those who want to comply with the new legislation on enforcement and tracking of waste shipments by 2023 can count on Qeos and our tools: QeosDOCS/QeosData. We integrated a new application that makes your transport run smoothly and efficiently.

Save time and easy to use

The use of the application and the general digitisation of waste transport documents offers you many advantages as a waste processor. Data flows are automated this way and paper documents are increasingly eliminated. Not only more efficient, but it also ensures a more ecological operation.

The application is very self-explanatory and does not require heavy installation. The Qeos app can be found in the Apple Store and the Playstore, and can therefore be easily installed on mobile phones, smartphones, tablets or onboard computers. You can easily communicate with various partners via the web portal and the tool is integrated into the planning management.

Complying with federal legislation

The OVAM (Public Waste Agency of Flanders) & VLAREMA (Flemish Regulation on Environmental Permits) are Flemish bodies that took care of the legislation and regulatory provisions you have to comply with as a company or business. The solution is already federally recognised and can therefore be deployed without any worries. The necessary security and encryption levels were also ensured so that not just anyone can access all data.

While using the application, each player involved can check all information in a transparent way. It is also updated in real time each time waste is transferred. The app also works offline, unless the driver cannot make adjustments due to a technical problem of the device.

Beware of amendments

In general, the transport document cannot be legally changed after the transport has started. However, separate comments can be added. You can also choose to register a change log and add it to the transport document so that everyone has a clear transparent overview of any changes.