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Use the Code of Good Practice when installing flow meters


Organisation VITO, the Flemish Institute for Technological Research, published in 2021 a Code of Good Practice to keep the installation and use of flow meters qualitative. The Code followed a study by VLM, the Flemish Land Agency.

Regulations and guidelines for manure processor

In the Code of Good Practice, you will find regulations and specific guidelines that you, as an individual manure processor, must comply with when using flow meters. You also have the obligations drawn up by VMM, the Flemish Environment Agency.

Besides installation, the Code also tells about the maintenance of your flow meters and their internal control when used for measuring fluid flows in manure treatment and manure processing. It contributes to the general quality control that the Flemish authorities have tightened in recent years to prevent fraud.

Quality checks when using flowmeter

Besides calibration guidelines and commissioning, the VITO document also tells you about periodic and in situ checks. Based on all the info provided, you can start working very proactively with your flow meters. E.g. which flow meters are suitable for specific locations on your land and how to install them.