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Submit your flowmeter plan to the Mestbank for submission


Anyone wishing to install flow meters will first need to draw up a clear flow meter plan. Once you have prepared this, submit your plan to Mestbank and receive a reply with any feedback within 30 days.

Draw up a complete plan with your flowmeters

Content of the flowmeter plan includes all external and internal piping between mutual processes and manure stores of your installation. You indicate where you have already installed flow meters and where you would like to install additional ones. Return flows of organic manure must also be indicated, any air scrubbers and the presence of loading and/or unloading stations.

Those who still need to get this in order until today are actually too late provided approved postponement from VLM. Indeed, the new obligations took effect from 1 January 2022. You can read all about it here.

QEOS ensures a smooth transition

To ensure a smooth transition from the new flowmeter obligations, QEOS developed a solution in the Vehicle Viewer software. Discover more details in an earlier blog post.

Mestbank as core component Flemish Land Agency

The VLM consists of several core departments: Countryside and Manure Policy, Manure Bank and Landbank and Landbank. Driven by the new flow meter law, the Manure Bank has already gained importance in the recent period. Indeed, they have to get an accurate picture of every manure and nutrient flow and try to eliminate fraud.

The Flemish Government's new 2021 decree may thus effectively be called the 'flow meter obligation'. Specifically, it means that processing units dealing with liquid, organic manure flows must install flow meters. This is necessary to install water quality now and in the future.

VLM reinforces open space

As a densely populated area, it has become crucial in Flanders to safeguard open space and the countryside. Through the right investments, the Flemish Land Agency seeks to safeguard and, if possible, strengthen the Flemish territory.