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After flowmeter obligations: can weighbridges still be used?


From 1 January 2022, the new flowmeter law became active. On relevant manure crossings, you are therefore obliged as a farmer and/or manure processor to install a flow meter. But what about weighbridges? Can existing ones still be used?

Weighbridge as alternative to flowmeter

The Flemish Land Agency (or VLM) has allowed a limited derogation from the obligation to use flow meters. A weighbridge may be used as an alternative. This only for crossings that serve for the supply of manure flows and if the weighbridge can transmit the data digitally.

Only digital meters eligible for manure and flow recording

If weighbridges are present on your flow plan, the following must be included: the serial number and a list of the transitions for which the weighbridge can perform measurements. A combination of a flow meter and weighbridge is not possible. At each transition on your plan, only one of the two can be listed as the active recording device.

Confirmation from the Flemish Land Agency

There is an additional condition for using the weighbridge. Indeed, the VLM reports the following: "The weighbridge at the manure processing plant was commissioned before 1 January 2020", as the regulations were already in place at that time.

If the weighbridge fulfils these conditions, it may be used to process raw animal manure deliveries. QEOS' AGR-GPS system already ensures that all data are automatically delivered to the manure bank in the correct order.