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QEOS launches new tool for waste transport management


To comply with the new legislation regarding waste transport registration, digitization was necessary within the sector. This transition might pose some challenges for many. At QEOS, the transition is almost seamless, largely due to our latest tool integrated into our onboard computer system.

More than a standard waste registration solution

QEOS is not just another standard solution for waste transport or waste processing registration. We have been experts in providing digital solutions for years. Our on-board computers are periodically updated and updated to comply with new legislation by e.g. the Flemish government and OVAM.

Various transport applications

Our onboard computer serves various applications in transportation, giving us extensive experience with the right tools and positioning us ahead of other developers. This means drivers and waste processors don't need to purchase a new or different device to comply with OVAM's requirement. Users of the onboard computer receive automatic updates.

The possibilities of QEOS

Besides handling transport orders and managing the digital identification form, the QEOS onboard computer is equipped with a myriad of other solutions for navigation, geolocation, time registration and tracking, automatic task dispatching, and many more.

Approval by OVAM

As the OVAM wants to guarantee quality to users of the digital identification form, only approved systems are allowed to get started. We too submitted our application to the Public Waste Agency of Flanders for approval. A confirmation of our innovative solution.

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