VehicleViewer AGR-GPS App

The AGR-GPS App system is the solution meeting the legal requirements of the Flemish Government and the VLM within the Neighbourhood Agreement.

Why use VehicleViewer AGR-GPS App?

The VehicleViewer AGR-GPS application is the solution for manure transport within the AGR-GPS neighbourhood control obligation.  

In order to better control the amount of manure transported in areas with poor water quality, suppliers or buyers of manure must use from 1 August 2020 on an AGR-GPS application if they transport animal manure with a neighbourhood agreement. This measure is a new MAP6 measure.

How it works

1. In the AGR-GPS application for smartphones, the user indicates when the manure is loaded, when it is unloaded and when the manure transport is finished. This way, the Mestbank can track the transport accurately.

2. The driver is guided by the system through the process during his work. This preventive guidance helps avoid errors. The menu scrolls the actions in chronological order : permanent view of the work cycle (loading/unloading), automatic display of the trailer chassis number and the MAD (manure removal documents). 

3. The system checks continuously the satellite connection, the GPRS connection and the connection with the VLM. An audible alert is sounded as soon as a connection problem occurs. A test message can also be sent at any time. 

4. A daily report is sent automatically by e-mail. This report indicates the routes of the day before for each vehicle. This periodic file is used to obtain flawless information about the routes to be reported to the VLM. 

In which neighbourhood agreements should the AGR-GPS App be used?

The AGR-GPS application must be used when transporting animal manure with a neighbourhood agreement to :
- all the buyer's parcels that are agricultural parcels of type 2 or type 3
- the storage of the customer with agricultural plots of type 2 or type 3

Who should use the AGR-GPS App?

Whoever is transporting the manure, i.e. always the supplier or buyer of the manure, must use the AGR-GPS application. The supplier and the purchaser of the manure must therefore agree on who will transport the manure and therefore use the application.

  • The monthly cost includes only the cost of the actual communications per month. There is no flat rate.
  • The support service is available round the clock, year round.
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