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Obligation to sort waste as a company


As a company, you have the obligation to start sorting your waste before it is collected, the Flemish government decided. So you need different types of bins and/or waste containers on your business premises. OVAM does report some different rules compared to sorting household waste, so we are happy to provide some additional information.

Expanding regulations since January 2023

When you offer residual waste from your company to the collection service in a larger waste container, you are obliged to use transparent bags since 1 January 2023. A visual check can thus be carried out smoothly by the collector. Please note: the obligation only applies to company residual waste.

OVAM expanded earlier already

The sorting obligation for companies and businesses was also extended once before in 2021. There were then 21 waste streams defined that could be selectively collected for businesses. Three more were added on 1 January 2021: kitchen waste and food waste, packaged food products and mattresses. Initially, this measure applied to companies serving a hot meal at least once a week, but from the end of this year it will apply to every company.

What about waste transport?

If you are a company carrying out activities that generate waste and store it temporarily before it is disposed of at a facility for processing, a new obligation also applies. Indeed, from 1 January 2023, identification forms must be delivered digitally.

Transitional period in the coming months

2023 is a transition period that gives affected companies the chance to join a system approved by OVAM. QEOS can support you in this.